Our Services

The ICC offers a bouquet of value-added services to it’s Members & Industry as a whole, ranging from Policy Advocacy, Trade Facilitation, Investment Matchmaking, Arbitration, to creating networking channels with Regulators, Governments, National & International Agencies of repute. As a forward-looking Chamber, ICC strives to create awareness and opportunities for Indian Industry in order to make, and keep it competitive and adaptive to global economic changes.

The Chamber reaches out to Members with prominent and meaningful sectoral initiatives at regular intervals, and thus builds platforms for exchange, networking and new business generation by bringing stakeholders together. Through economic research and surveys, the Chamber also brings out relevant Investment profiles of States & Regions in the country, which go a long way in engaging with interested Investors from all across India and the globe. The Chamber’s forte has been to correctly assess the current business scenario in India and the world, and also to anticipate the future economic trends, which equip Industry to align itself to the dynamics of an integrated world economy.

Business Information Services

ICC is happy to announce that it has launched a Trade Facilitation Desk to facilitate trade & business between India and the rest of the world. The Desk would cater to enquiries both from the members and non-members of ICC and would act as the single window for business matchmaking.

Certificate of Origin

ICC issues non-preferential certificates of origin to both member and non-member companies. This is a document, used to certify that the export products are wholly obtained, produced or manufactured in India. It is generally an integral part of export documents.

For obtaining Certificate of Origin from Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) on regular basis, exporters are required to furnish ICC a permanent indemnity bond on a Non-judicial stamp paper of Rs 10/- only, duly notarized (format for Indemnity Bond is available with the Certificate of Origin Dept).

  • Stamp paper should be purchased in the name of the Company/Establishment.
  • The Bond shall only be signed by the Director/Partner/Proprietor of the Company. After due process, it will be entered in the ICC records and the exporter shall be given a registration number by the ICC.
  • Bond should be required to be submitted with the profile of the Company/Establishment, PAN, I/EC Registration document, Signatures of those authorized to sign the Certificates.
  • After registration at ICC on every occasion of submission of application for Certificate of Origin the Registration Number with ICC.

ICC Council of Arbitration

This is a body within the fold of Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) dedicated to the mission of extending institutional service for the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) of commercial disputes. It administers, oversees and conducts arbitration and conciliation proceedings according to the institutional rules framed by Indian chamber of Commerce, as modified from time to time, in tune with the changing legal framework and needs of the business community.

The Arbitration Rules of Indian Chamber Council of Arbitration (ICCA) is the backbone of the secretariat acting for institutional arbitration, keeping the parties informed concerning all the steps taken in the neutral and independent administering of the cases on a day-to-day basis and providing the benefits of a quick, efficient and inexpensive mechanism for dispute settlement. Following ICC’s MOU with the Council of State Governments, USA to launch the implementation of a comprehensive ADR initiative in India, ICCA has planned to launch a series of ambitious initiatives directed towards improving specific aspects of arbitral services offered by ICC, and intensifying its involvement in improving imminent issues in dispute resolution.

Investment Matchmaking

The ICC provides customized investment facilitation services to the corporate sector. These include, among other things, providing specific product information, identification of joint venture partners, facilitating procedural matters with the respective authorities, matchmaking, etc.

ICC intends to emerge as a one-stop centre providing investment-related information and services. The Chamber has contributed significantly towards investment matchmaking by facilitating business delegation exchanges between India and South-East Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam. Apart from providing information related to business matchmaking to interested companies, the Chamber thus, has been instrumental in creating real platforms for establishing business-to-business linkages, through various Buyer-Seller Meets, One-on-One Investor meetings, etc.

Through its linkages and partnerships with Trade & Industry Associations from rest of Asia, and the World, the Indian Chamber, can truly act as an effective mediator between Corporates from India and abroad.

Visa Recommendation

The ICC issues visa recommendation letters to representatives of organisations wishing to travel overseas for promotion of business and other related activities. Certain embassies/countries request for certification of visa application by the recognized Chambers. The ICC Visa Documentation helps in processing the visas of member and non-member firms.

The firms desirous of obtaining recommendation letters for issue of visa are requested to furnish the following documents to the ICC at the time of applying:

  • Request letter addressed to the ICC, on the original letterhead of the firm (application format to be obtained from the Visa Recommendation Department of ICC)
  • Photocopy of the passport of the person applying for the visa.
  • Photocopy of the invitation letter received from the country to be visited.

The request letter should be signed by a senior officer of the firm and not the person applying for the visa. All photocopies must be certified with signature and stamp of the person signing the application.